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As of March, 24th, 2015, this Newsletter is officially RETIRED. Thank you for all of your support over the years!!

biowarenews is a daily fandom newsletter focusing on BioWare related topics and discussions appearing on Live Journal, including posts related to the Mass Effect, Dragon Age, SWTOR, KOTOR, Neverwinter Nights, Jade Empire, Warhammer Online, and Baldur’s Gate video gaming series.

Things we will link to:
  • Fan Creations: Fanfic, vids, icons/wallpapers/graphics, artwork, fanmixes, etc.
  • Challenges, Ficathons, New Communities
  • Character/Story/Meta Discussion
  • Gameplay, tactics, technical issues, modding information, etc.
  • Future game/DLC speculation
  • Resources: Screencaps, Audio/Video Files, & Transcripts
  • News, events, and reviews (media mentions, articles, interviews, etc)

All of the stuff that will be linked in this newsletter HAS to be posted (in some fashion) to LJ. BioWare Social Forum posts will NOT be included in this newsletter unless a discussion post related to them has been posted somewhere on LJ.

Please note that biowarenews will not link to locked posts. We WILL make every effort to mark spoilers. In addition, posting is limited ONLY to moderators and editors of the newsletter.

If you would prefer that we not link to your LJ, DW, or Ao3 fic posting, or to a particular discussion or item at any of these places, please let us know in the post.

How do I get my post included in the Newsletter?
You have three options:
  1. Crosspost to one of the many communities we watch from the biowarewatch flist. If it's there, we'll get it (provided your post has the information we need).
  2. If we've missed you in the previous newsletter edition (or if you haven't crossposted at all), you can comment to our most recent edition and we'll get your post that way. Please only comment if you posted prior to the most recent edition and we missed you. For example, if the newsletter is posted at Noon on Monday, and you posted something at 12:01 pm Monday, do NOT comment to make sure we won’t miss you on Tuesday. Please wait until the Tuesday edition is posted. At that point, if we have missed you, please feel free to comment.
  3. If you have a journal/community that is related to a BioWare fandom (or has a large portion of its entries related to a BioWare fandom), you can sign up to join our watch list here. Please be aware that if you have a journal you'd like us to watch but you crosspost your fandom related stuff to fandom comms, then adding your journal to our watch list will just add a place for us to watch unnecessarily. But, if you have a recs/graphics/fic comm/journal, etc, or post exclusively to your own journal/community please let us know, and we will gladly add you to our watch list.

Please note that the final decision to include any submission is made by the mods and/or editors of the newsletter.

I need to speak with a mod, who should I contact?
You can contact one of the mods/editors either via an LJ Private Message, or via our Page-A-Mod post. Please do NOT leave comments regarding the newsletter on an editor or a mod's personal LJ.

I have a comment/suggestion, how do I get it to you?
Please feel free to leave a comment to the Page-A-Mod post (comments are screened). Comments/suggestions to a newsletter edition will be deleted.

Why wasn’t my fanfic linked in the most recent edition?
Due to the large quantity of fics posted every day within the fandom, the newsletter will not link to fics which are missing headers, as the mods can’t possibly click every link to see what it contains. Fic headers should be clearly marked with characters, some form of rating, and (if applicable) pairings, spoilers, and warnings. A header containing the information needed to help us create a link might look something like this:


Additional Info:
If you are interested in volunteering to become a mod/editor please use our Page-A-Mod service.

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Disclaimer: biowarenews is a comprehensive collection of links to BioWare fandom related entries here on LJ, and is not in any way associated with, nor responsible for, the content of linked entries.

Newsletter idea based on spnnewsletter, who_daily, the_spdn, and mentalistnews to name a few.